$40 Fee For Estimate


    Sit back and relax because Grandma’s Helper is here to clean up the mess!

    Too much junk to clean up, but you are running short on time? Don’t worry about the junk anymore when you have the perfect place to look. Grandma’s Helper is a dedicated junk removal service provider for residential as well as commercial areas that aim to make things easier and more convenient for you, saving your precious time and energy.

    We want to protect your home and the safety of our employees when it comes to junk removal. The work you need to do is completed quickly and safely, thanks to our stringent policy requiring steel-toed boots and gloves. Grandma’s Helper started its services in July 2021, and its headquarters is in Cheektowaga, New York.

    Grandma’s Helper is not only committed to providing junk removal services, but we also provide cleaning as well as notary services to everyone around Cheektowaga, Buffalo, West Seneca, Orchard Park, and Tonawanda, New York, because we want to make your life easier with our unmatched exemplary services.

    Why Choose Us?

    Grandma's Helper is committed to providing unmatched and convenient service for everyone!

    Affordable Prices

    Grandma's Helper ensures that every service we provide is affordable because our service is all about easy accessibility for everyone, whether your business is big or small.


    At Grandma's Helper, we know the surprise charges clients come across after they book a service; luckily for you, we ensure that everything is dealt with transparently and no hidden costs are taken from our customers.

    Timely Service

    We do all the lifting and loading, saving your time and your back because we want to make everything convenient for you.

    Insured Services

    We value your commitment and comfort level tremendously. You can rely on our services, backed by a reliable insurance policy, to strengthen your trust in us.


    Is your junk just stacking up? We are dedicated to turning a stressful job into a breeze.Grandma’s Helper provides full-service junk removal across the USA for your home or business. We are here to minimize all your hassles with our junk clearing-out services to make your surroundings clean and appropriate.

    Grandma’s Helper dedicatedly offers their junk removal services for residential as well as commercial areas, including offices, retail establishments, and construction sites.

    We remove household furniture including:

    • Couches
    • Beds
    • Tables
    • Dressers
    • Other Furniture items

    Grandma’s Helper also offers to clear out home appliances such as:

    • Fridges
    • Stoves
    • Dishwashers
    • Washers or dryers
    • TVs

    We also provide junk removal for office furniture, including:

    • Desks
    • Office Chairs
    • Cubicles
    • Office equipment such as computers, printers

    We also offer removal and cleaning of construction sites such as:

    • Construction debris (wood drywall carpet tile)
    • Yard waste (branches, bushes, weeds).

    Our affordable junk removal service in New York and surrounding areas will ensure a safe and convenient clearing-out procedure without the hassle of finding someone to manage those junk items to be removed from your home or your offices.

    So, why not contact us and avail our junk removal services to make everything easy?


    Offering our Notary Services across the US

    If you are looking to get your legal and important documents notarized, time is short on your hands. However, if you want to finish your work as soon as possible, then Grandma’s Helper will ensure your work is done within no time.

    We know how important those documents can be for you, so we take proper care and carry out all the notary services with dedication while keeping the confidentiality of your records intact.

    Your Notary Service is pleased to provide same-day notary services at reasonable rates for your convenience.

    Services We Offer

    We at Grandma’s Helper make every effort to provide excellent customer service by providing cleaning, junk removal, and notary services to residential and commercial areas. Some of the services that Grandma’s Helper offers to its valued customers include:


    Do you have a lot of junk in your house that you need to get rid of? Grandma’s Helper can assist you whether you move, downsize, or simply need to declutter. We will quickly and efficiently remove unwanted items from your home, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. We offer the following residential cleaning services:

    • Basement and Garage Clearing
    • Flood and Fire Damage
    • Estate and home cleanup
    • Pickup of old furniture and home appliances
    • Yard waste and construction Debris
    Let us do the cleaning and make your residence flawless, contact us and get started.


    Grandma’s Helper provides commercial junk removal services for all types and sizes of businesses. We will start by removing office equipment, hardware, construction debris, and other items from your property as quickly as possible and with as little disruption to your business.

    • Pickup of construction debris
    • Job site cleanup
    • The tenant cleared out and storage unit
    • Office junk removal
    • Worn-out belongings
    • Landscaping Debris
    Are you ready to clear out the junk in your office? Call us, and we will help you make things right for you!


    You’ll need to authenticate a document at some point. A medical document, a power of attorney, real estate documents, a business agreement, a bill of sale, or a will are all legal documents. You would have to find a notary public to have these documents notarized, which would require taking time out of your busy day. The most frustrating aspect of visiting these locations is that there is no guarantee that a signing agent will be available. But with Grandma’s Helper, you can get your documents notarized easily!


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    When you call us for your initial quote, our trained team will collaborate to determine your specific needs and expectations. Our top priority is to provide exceptional service in removing and discarding your useless items or junk.

    When our uniformed crew arrives at your location, your initial quote will be verified and, if necessary, slightly adjusted to encompass the scope of the job. Once you have approved and paid at least half the amount. We will begin clearing your junk and cleaning up after our service upon completion. We accept Cash, CashApp, Visa, Master, and USPS Money Order payments.

    Better Rates Than Any Franchise

    We guarantee to surpass any written estimate at Grandma’s Helper. Furthermore, we are confident that our prices are lower than any comparable operator’s. This means a junk removal company that is licensed and insured and currently runs a recycling-based process to keep our dumpsites free of unnecessary waste materials.

    Our extensive insurance coverage backs up our services, assuring you of our dedication to exceeding and meeting your expectations. We charge based on how much space your items take up in our trucks. Our trucks have a total capacity of 760 cubic feet (15ft x 8ft x 7ft). A full load is roughly the size of a one-two-bedroom apartment. Our starting price is $160, and our prices increase from there.

    • Full Truck: $640
    • Half Full Truck: $320
    • Minimal Pickup: $160

    $40 Trip Fee Must be Paid before coming out .

    Before we can give you an exact price, our team must see what items you have in person, or you can book online and send us some photos of your junk, Mattress, Dumpster area, and Trash can, We offer the best services and prices and ensure that our customers are happy and safe.

    Convenient and Affordable Rates

    We pride ourselves on offering clear and simple pricing. Before we begin any work, we will always provide you with a no-obligation estimate. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information on tailoring our junk hauling services to your specific requirements. Your particular needs and specifications determine the cost of each junk removal project.

    We are licensed, local and Veteran Owned

    Make your life easier with professional, dependable cleaning services. Schedule one of our Trusted Cleaners today.


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    We provide services in Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Tonawanda and West Seneca.
    We accept cash, major credit cards, and CashApp.. A $40 truck Rollout Fee must be made before coming out.
    The $40 covers gas, employee time and other expenses. It also shows us that you're serious.
    We have had clients refusing to pay and had to take legal actions the job is completed .